Friday, September 19, 2014

1:30 - Welcome and Back Channel Set Up
  • Scott Robison, Ph.D. - Superintendent of Zionsville Community Schools
1:40 - How did we get here?
2:00 - Snow Day Story
  • Tim East - Principal of Zionsville Community High School
  • Chris Squier - Principal of Eagle Elementary
  • Dan Layton - Assistant Principal of Pleasant View Elementary

  • Breakout A Location - 

  • Breakout B Location - 

Session A: The How...

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Parent communication to lay groundwork
Scott Robison

Logistics (Attendance, Food, Transportation, Tech Access, Office Hours, Saturday Hours, Hotline)
Jenny Froehle
- Kris Devereaux
- Dan Layton

Session B: The What...

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Curriculum and Teacher Expectations/Lesson Quality Design
Tim East
- Jen Raycroft - Administrative Assistant, Union Elementary
- Chris Squier
- Sean Conner

Elementary Example --> click pic below

MS example --> click pic below

HS Example --> click pic below

Special Ed Considerations
-Kara Seever - Special Education Teacher, Pleasant View Elementary
-Chelsea Bibler - Special Education Teacher, Zionsville Middle School

*Q and A will follow 2nd session